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Founded In 2010 Surat, India


Why Choose Canopus Global Education?

Foundation was established with a small idea that was incepted in the minds of its promoters in year 2010! We skilfully guide the applicants for their immigration process to any country they aspire to settle.


We Have Been Counselling Students For Educational Opportunities In Foreign Countries

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Canopus Global Education

In India, the international education system has grown in popularity in recent years. Every student wishes to pursue his or her higher education in a foreign country. Furthermore, through education fairs, seminars, and counseling sessions, foreign universities have been courting these pupils.

Our visa and immigration consultants in Surat are capable of assisting customers in relocating to their desired country. Regardless, they have requested this service for the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We are prepared to assist the client in the most appropriate manner in each situation.

Benefits of Applying Through Canopus Global Education Visa Consultants

1. More than 10 years of experience applying to top universities around the world is at your disposal.

2. You will save a significant amount of time because our team of abroad education consultants will handle the entire procedure for you, from university application to visa application.

3. Our knowledgeable staff can advise you on the best university for you as well as the most appropriate subject for you to follow.

4. Customized and personalized solutions to meet your specific needs

5. As the best visa and immigration agency in Surat, we assist students in obtaining financial help and loans from a variety of financial institutions

6. Up-to-date information on visa regulations and how they affect you.

Our vision is to provide smooth, transparent, and hassle-free services of overall consultation and immigration to people planning for long term foreign education

Our Endeavour is to be recognized as world’s leading Immigration service provider catering to a wide array of clients globally and expand globally.

Our Values make us stand apart. We ensure that we work towards our clients’ goals with integrity, accuracy, and transparency.

We will be your direct link for further education in Foreign Countries. It can be difficult to choose a university for postgraduate education in a foreign nation. Canopus Global Education, the best visa and immigration consultant in Surat, will assist you in locating the best university for your specific needs. We may contact the institutions on your behalf and conduct all inquiries and admissions arrangements once you've made a pre-selection.

Students will not be charged for our student visa consultancy services in Surat or guidance. On request, we may provide additional services such as acquiring visas, booking aircraft and travel tickets, and providing accommodation in the Foreign Countries for a fee. For particular supplementary services, please inquire.

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